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Days 8 & 9

Hey Trinity Families! We are on our 8th day in Barcelinhos and we are having an incredible time. We have done several parades and shows for the people of many different areas of Portugal. Our last show was in Vila Verde, and the stage and crowd were surreal. The lights were super bright and added lots to our show. We even had fog linger throughout our entire performance specifically in Johnny and Black Rose. Before the show, we got to walk through Vila Verde and explore some shops and their food.
JULY 30TH: Today was a laid back day. We got to dance for the mayor and dignitaries from the local regions in the morning. We danced an energetic Step About and proceeded to walk a short parade through the town of Barcelos and stopped several times to dance. Later on we were able to walk back and visit an outdoor market and some shops. After resting, we went to the welcoming reception, the kickoff of the main festival. We had the opportunity to teach the Siege of Ennis, the TRINIJIG, and a traditional jig! We also were able to learn all of the other countries dances also. It was an unforgettable experience!

With love,
Lizzy, Laura and the T2 dancers

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