Show 3, sand, sun & sing-alongs

Ola! The last couple of days have been so much fun!

On Monday we had our third show, in Alheira, with the Taiwan group. When we arrived at the venue, we saw that our stage was a concrete soccer court! Behind the court was a gorgeous view of the mountains. Since we performed last, we sat side-stage and cheered on our friends from Taiwan and enjoyed having them cheer for us in return. Our show went really well and the audience was very lively! On our bus ride home, we were singing songs and asked the Taiwanese superstar singer to go over the microphone and sing for us. It was AMAZING to have our own private concert! When we got back to Barcelinhos, we were all excited because of the show and had a dance party with our festival guides, Andreia and João. We taught them some American dances (Cupid Shuffle, the Wobble, etc.) and they taught us some of the popular Portuguese dances as well.

Tuesday we had a free day with no performances, so we decided to spend it at Ofir beach. The view was jaw dropping! The sight was like nothing any of us had seen, the water was so blue it melted with the sky. There was a large stretch of rocks that protruded out into the ocean that created a beautiful pathway for us to explore and soak in the view. After a day of sun, snacks, and shopping we headed to Barcelos to grab some dinner and experience more of what the town has to offer. After we were filled with our delicious dinner, we walked back to our rooms and changed into pajamas, and headed outside to a jam session with our talented musicians. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day in Portugal!

~Grace Drinane and Anna Schiferl