The City of New York announced  23 Million Dollar plan to boost Arts Education into their public school system.  Experts have stated for quite a long time that arts education leads to better rounded students, and according to the New York Daily News,

has a positive influence on students in terms of academic achievement and future employment.”

Trinity Academy of Irish Dance’s unique teaching philosophy centers on the empowerment of each child, with lessons focused on self-confidence and choice, allowing each child to decide their own level of participation in Irish dance. Students are never required to compete, but are always allowed the opportunity. Instructors use a distinct, noncompetitive teaching method that focuses on the beauty of the dance form as well as cultural and life lessons along the way. Trinity Academy of Irish Dance’s performance troupe  takes the philosophies of what is taught in dance classes, and celebrates the love of dance and the thrill of public entertainment.  The Trinity Academy of Irish Dance can be seen in a staggering four hundred shows a year, from community enrichment shows to parades, television shows and sports performances.

Trinity Academy of Irish Dance students are also  mentored by the dancers within the professional touring Trinity Irish Dance Company.  These professional dancers enrich our younger dancers portfolio with guest appearances in touring shows, as well as a unique tiered program that allows the Academy dancers to work their way up into professional troupe performances.  Having these more seasoned dancers, who themselves have competed with and trained through Trinity Academy of Irish Dance themselves, allows our dancers exposure to a well-rounded education unique to Trinity in the Irish Dance world.

We have always supported arts education in the classroom, and we are thrilled to hear that New York City is leading an example for other cities to follow.


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