Trinity has provided Makayla with life-long friendships

We as parents strive to find an activity that our children will have fun with, meet new friends and get some good exercise. By enrolling my child into Trinity Academy of Irish Dance it has opened a world of possibilities I did not even consider! My child began dancing just short of her 6th birthday and is approaching her 14th birthday and continues to look forward to dance class every week! It was not long after she started until I knew that Trinity was more than Irish Dance!

The Trinity program starts their younger dancers out with the basics of Irish Dance and along the way introduces new and challenging steps to keep them engaged plus adds a lot of fun! Trinity families join together to create something like a PTO/PTA organization called the Trinity Booster Club. Trinity instructors are able to do what they do best “TEACH” and the booster club picks up the support outside of the classroom, it is so unique.


Trinity Dancers Volunteering with Hunger Task Force

Trinity dancers end up lifelong friends, they have the opportunity to train and compete together in a team setting and cheer each other on when competing solo.
Trinity dancers make a positive impact in their community by participating in  collecting  donations for Veterans, local food pantries, performing for Senior Citizens  during the St.  Patrick’s Day season (aka Community Outreach weekend) and giving  their time to volunteer  at Trinity sponsored dance competitions.

Trinity Irish Dancers at the Feis!

Trinity dancers are encouraged to make goals and are given the tools to achieve those  goals  with support from instructors, the Trinity Booster Club and Trinity families!  Trinity has and  will continue to provide their dancers with incredible opportunities  to participate in  performances and competitions with travel in and outside of the  United States. Every  summer teenage dancers serve as ambassadors for the academy  and are able to tour and  participate in World Dance Festivals, what a great  experience for our youth. Trinity prides itself on thinking outside of the box the  choreography combines traditional Irish dance steps with other dance forms and elements to create movement that is so entertaining for audiences and thrilling for the dancers to perform! Trinity hosts various artist workshops for all levels of their dancers … Trinity brings in body percussionists, choreographers, lead dancers from Riverdance, musicians…what these kids are exposed to is incredible!

For me as a parent I think the most important Trinity take away for our dancers is one of the keys to success in life…CONFIDENCE! It is awesome to see these kids grow throughout the program and become confident and driven young adults with great expectations as they go out into the world. Just ask them and they will say they will forever be “a Trinity dancer”!

Written by: Courtney Quinn



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