Day 1: From O’Hare Airport to Tallinn, Estonia!

Milwaukee TII Festival Trip to Estonia and Poland!

This week, 16 Dancers, three Trinity musicians, two Trinity teachers and two parent chaperones from our Milwaukee studio locations embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to perform at international dance festivals in Estonia and Poland. Follow along as they elevate their audiences and are immersed in the new cultures!

Today is our first full day in Estonia, and we’re all very excited! We left O’Hare at about 4 pm on Monday, July 6 and arrived in Frankfurt on Tuesday morning. From there, we flew to Tallinn. It was a very long travel day, and we were all really excited to get into our hotel and shower! After a quick rehearsal, we went to dinner at a beautiful restaurant called Pragu. Tallinn is a Medieval city, so all the architecture is incredibly old and full of intricate details (Molly’s geeking out about it). There were three choices for meals: fresh-caught salmon (Estonia is right on the coast of the Baltic Sea – Finland is only a 20 minute ferry ride away!), filet mignon, or a vegetarian rice bowl. We all had flourless chocolate cherry cake and ice cream for dessert.
Both before and after dinner, we walked through Old Town Tallinn. Even though we finished dinner well after 9 pm, it was still light out. Estonia gets roughly 15-20 hours of daylight in the summer, which is incredible – although it did make it hard to go to sleep last night! We all gathered in Katie and Riley’s room for team bonding before bed.
We’ll be leaving Tallinn soon to head to Voru, the location of our first festival. Voru is known as “the old town” by many locals. We’re all really gearing up and getting excited to start our shows, see more of Estonia, and interact with the other cultures!
~Molly and Caitlin

You can support the upcoming Illinois TII trip to Portugal at 6:00pm, Saturday, July 18th at the Ukranian Center in Palatine!