Class Description

Trinity invites your child to sample a bit of their award-winning instruction. Our seasonal intro days are perfect for your future Irish dancer!

Trinity’s “Irish Jig Crash Course” and “Intro to Irish Dance Summer Camp” teach children the basics of Irish dance and culture along with introducing important skills such as balance, coordination, and teamwork. Plus your dancer will be invited to dance at the BIG JIG for our halfway to St. Patrick’s Day events in September!

  • $40.00 “Irish Jig Crash Course” 2-Day, 45-minute class

  • $125.00 “Intro to Irish Dance Summer Camp” 3-Day, 2-hour camp

Our seasonal intro days are open to dancers ages 3-10 years old, and no previous dance experience is necessary.  Additionally, no Irish dance shoes are required at this time so wear whatever is most comfortable: socks, gym shoes, ballet shoes, etc.  Please also have your dancer arrive in a mask. For more information review health and safety protocols.

Why take classes at Trinity Academy for Irish Dance? Trinity is an institution that teaches children a balanced approach to life through Irish Dance. Trinity’s tri-fold philosophy of solo dancing, team dancing, and performance sets us apart and creates an atmosphere that sets children up for success as they take their own journey and carve their own path.