Class Description

Beginners and pre-beginners begin their Irish dance journey by learning the fundamentals and basic techniques in a fun and energetic environment. When they are confident in their foundational skills, dancers will learn the Irish Jig and Reel. In addition to dancing, this class incorporates stretching, balance/coordination exercises, and even learning how to count in Gaelic! We cannot wait for you to see the growth your young child will experience over the course of this first year.

Which class is the best fit for my dancer? At the beginning of a dancer’s journey, we will place them in one of two beginner classes based on age. Trinity’s curriculum uses a passport program, through which dancers are “stamped through” to different counties of Ireland as they progress through their dance journey.
  • Dancers ages 3.5 through 4 years old should register for our River Pre-Beginner classes.
  • Dancers ages 5 and up should register for a Cork/Derry class, the first two counties in our passport program.

Why take classes at Trinity Academy for Irish Dance? Trinity is an institution that teaches children a balanced approach to life through Irish Dance. Trinity’s tri-fold philosophy of solo dancing, team dancing, and performance sets us apart and creates an atmosphere that sets children up for success as they take their own journey and carve their own path. 

Weekly Pre & Beginner Classes’ displayed tuition is shown as the monthly fee and subject to $75.00 registration fee that is charged annually per family.