• Trinity Moms surprised us with a beautiful studio to rehearse in before our performance in Latvia!

Day 4

Today was another beautiful day in Voru, Estonia (this country is beautiful even when it’s raining!).We started our day like we always do: in line at the eating commons. Today’s breakfast was a little different for us though: pasta salad with bologna slices and miniature wieners. Though it was a totally new food experience, it was also delicious! After breakfast, we went to practice in a park near our hostel. However, our chaperones came in the middle with a surprise: they had found a beautiful studio for us to practice in! With big windows on two of the four walls, we had a beautiful view of the town. Because we had a show later in the evening, we knew we had to make this practice a good one.

After rehearsal and lunch, we were taken on a sightseeing tour, hosted by dancers from a nearby village. We were able to see the brand new motocross arena (the largest indoor arena in the world!), a sawdust pellet factory that’s provided many jobs to the community, and a farm that provides traditional craft workshops to the public. We then met up with our hosting dance group at another old farm. We learned one of their traditional dances, and in turn taught them to jig! The insisted on doing the jig over and over, and who are we to refuse that?!

We then went straight from our afternoon tour to our second show of the trip. However, this show wasn’t in Voru, or even Estonia. We crossed the boarder and went into Latvia! Performing among traditional Estonian and Russian groups, we received standing ovations twice! Talk about an incredible experience for us.

On our ride home, Danielle told us we would be able to go to a dance party held in the festival garden. We grooved and boogied all night before returning home for bed!

Check back tomorrow for more!