Day 5!

Today was really exciting for all of us! When we woke up, we were given the entire morning to have breakfast on our own and explore the beautiful town of Voru! We were able to explore all of the different cafes and pockets of town we had yet to see. Many of us went to the Voru Folkloori Festival Market. There were tons of vendors with handmade goodies: wool socks, jewelry, table linens, and the likes.

After touring around, we practiced with Rising Gael before lunch. We then hurried off to our show. We’ve really been stepping up our practice so our dancing can be at the next level, and it definitely paid off tonight! We were surprised to find that the Irish Ambassador to Enstonia, Frank Flood, was in the audience. He met with us afterwards to let us know how much he appreciated our continuation of not only modern and innovative Irish dance, but also our take on traditional Irish dancing.

We rounded out our night with a slew of festival activities, including street dancing, evening songs, and a dance party. The street dancing was lead by the local Estonian dance groups, who helped us learn their traditional dances. Many of us were whisked off to polka with local dancers! All of the groups then walked down to the beach to participate in evening songs, where we all sang a song or two. Our group chose to sing “Mountain Thyme” and “Tell Me Ma” (a Trinity fave, of course!). It was really wonderful to see and hear all of the other cultures represented. To end the night, we all went to the nightly dance party, followed by chicken nuggets and French fries at a little fast food place in town.

We’re really starting to get busy now, but this is what we’ve been waiting for!

Thanks for reading!

Riley and Sam