Most forms of dance tend to have an over abundance of female dancers in comparison to their male counterparts and Irish dance is no exception!   While most boys are drawn to other forms of activity like soccer or football, there is something to be said for why boys should dance too!Men of Trinity

#10.  Coordination and Agility –  Dancing works a lot of muscles and muscle groups that benefit other extracurricular sports.

#9.  Better Posture & Strong Core – Everyone benefits from standing tall and not slouching- boys are no exception!  Dance helps to develop those core muscles essential for a straight spine.

#8.  There’s no “I” in team –  Trinity prides itself on teamwork and cooperation… so boys dancing at Trinity learn the value of working together for a common goal and honing the skill that not only will benefit them in other sports but going forward throughout their lives.

#7. Strength –  Irish dance specifically requires stamina and leg strength, both of which are beneficial in other sports.

#6. Focus –  Irish dance requires concentration and focus, which helps dancers be better students and benefits many aspects of their life.

#5  Professional opportunities & adventure –  While not everyone who enters into dance does so with the intent to turn it into a lifetime profession –  Trinity Irish Dancers have the opportunity as they move up in the ranks of the Academy to tour the US and the World at various competitions and performances.  Additionally, for those students who are exceptionally dedicated to their craft, there is the opportunity to become part of the Trinity Irish Dance Company– Trinity’s professional dance company.

#4. Confidence – Dancing is a challenging sport, both on stage and in the classroom.  Irish dancing, with its various competitions as well as performances mean that students are constantly putting themselves out in the public.  As a result, the pride of success accompanied by nailing that hard dance step or moving up in experience levels builds a child’s confidence in their own abilities – which of course applies out of dance as well as in it.

#3.  Creativity & Self Expression –  In a dance studio, amongst other children in search of the same goal – there is a certain safety to their expressionism.  Dancing similarly allows children to process emotions in an alternate way to verbalizing their feelings.

#2.  It’s good for you! – Aside from increased stamina, muscle definition and posture – dancing improves your heart and lungs as well as releasing those endorphins associated with lessened anxiety and depression and an overall more positive outlook.

#1.  Guys Only! –  At Trinity, boys get their very own program – Men of Trinity – where they receive individualized instruction from some of the most noted male performers in the industry.  Our Men of Trinity program not only teaches them how to be better dancers but helps to instill character in our dancers to make them better men. 







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