Paul’s Video Diary – Trinity Irish Dance Company Japan Tour 2014

‘20,000 Miles With a Camera The Size Of A Matchbox’

Paul says….

“Belfast – Dublin – Chicago – Tokyo – Yokkaichi – Hamamatsu – Nagoya – Yamaguchi – Fukuoka – Hiroshima – Sapporo & back to Chicago – 20,000 miles. There were another 5,000 to get me back home via Milwaukee Irishfest & Damhsa that have yet to be edited…..

The video is created simply as a placeholder for good memories for the cast. It’s hand held, rough and ready but an honest representation of the not so glamorous practical side of touring overseas. Yes we did spend a LOT of time on the bus. In my case that meant editing and archiving video on the move.

Thanks to Artistic Director Mark Howard, the Trinity Irish Dance Company Cast, my fellow bandmates, touring technical gurus and Reiko’s amazing Japanese crew for putting up with my permanent camera on a stick.

Thank you to the warm and appreciative Japanese audiences for whom we performed as we traveled the length of the country.

Thank you to the musicians who generously gave their permission for their music to be featured in this film just as their music and talents featured in our every day touring experience. If you like the music used, please support the musicians via the links below.

Thanks to Toshi for being a star presenter, to Natalie, Ellen, Caitlin, Jerry, Kaitlyn and the rest of the Trinity staff without whom nothing would happen, not to mention the wider trinity alumni, family, booster club and support network.

The video is dedicated to Ellen Waller who was unable to be with us on the trip but whose spirit was in every circle and in everyone’s minds as the curtain rose each night.

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Music by:
* Brendan O’Shea – Singer Songwriter
– Buy Music: https://brendanosheamusic.wordpress.c…
* Brian Holleran – Uilleann Pipes, Flute & Whistle (& Brian Bigley)
– Buy Music:…

* The Communion Voice
* Solo performance by Cleek Schrey
* Patricia Daly, Harp – Aughrim’s Lament – in memory of Paul Phillips.
* Trinity Recording Artists past & present whose work lives on and is celebrated in Company performances to this day.