TIDC gets ready for 3 shows at Folsom’s Harris Theater.




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Artistic Director Mark Howard works on the notes from shows 1 and 2, while male lead dancers Kiernan Donahue (Trinity/Milwaukee), Peter Dziak (Trinity/Elmhurst), and Andrew Vickers (Galway) take a break from rehearsals for show 3.



Myah Trilling (Trinity/Muskego)



Marissa Wurster (Trinity/Milwaukee) doing makeup and setting costumes before curtain call.


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Cast members reviewing notes and resting their legs before showtime. Moira Kramp (Trinity/Palatine) nurses a sprained ankle. She’ll be alright – she’s a tough dancer!


Knockout performance as they close Folsom – Standing ovation! Check out this video clip from the Finale on Instagram. Good stuff:




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Two young dancers from the McKeever School of Irish Dance in Sacramento, CA were invited on stage for tonight’s show. We loved meeting their classmates who all came out to watch them! 



As seen on Facebook and Twitter after the show. High-five, TIDC. Good night.

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Santa Clarita bound in the AM. Check back tomorrow night … !


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