Fall Beginner Classes!

Trinity provides an energetic environment with inspiring instruction that helps children develop a love of Irish dance and the self-confidence to perform in front of an audience! Boys and girls ages 3½ to 10 will learn a variety of Irish dance basics like foot placement, balance, leg/foot strength, toe height, and posture while learning the jig. They’ll develop a sense of timing and rhythm by practicing to traditional Irish tunes in class and will even learn how to count to 8 in Gaelic!

This fall Trinity will continue with both IN PERSON and VIRTUAL options for the full program!

Free Downloadable Lesson!


We’ve created a way for you to experience a free lesson that would normally be offered in our communities and at our performances. This FREE lesson with the Trinity Irish Dancers can be downloaded directly onto your screen for anyone to try on their own time.

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Question about registering? Call us at (877) 326-2328 or email us at info@nulltrinityirishdance.com