“She was incredibly shy as a Toddler – I mean REALLY shy. She is so different now – extroverted, approachable, and CONFIDENT. She is comfortable interacting with people, is able to consider others and different perspectives, is persistent and determined and does not give up on things. She is very positive in her outlook, bubbly, happy and just overall a blast to be around. I truly believe her dance experience and the examples and support of her teachers played a HUGE role in developing this side of her.”

- Trinity ParentMilwaukee’s Third Ward Location

“Just wanted to send a big thank you to all you do for all the kids in your classes. I know for certain my girls are learning way more than dance. The smiles on their faces as they dance at ‘Damhsa’ were real smiles coming from the inside. The excitement and sense of belonging to something bigger than a dance class was super evident as we drove home.

- Trinity ParentLakeview location

There is truly no other organization I would rather be part of. I spent 6 years in the Marine Corps and we had a saying, Esprit De Corps. It was the power me and my fellow Marines felt when we were together in good times and bad. I have that same Esprit De Corps about Trinity and I know most parents do as well. Thank you again for being Trinity.

- Trinity ParentMilwaukee’s Third Ward Location

“It is apparent that the virtues the dancers share have been ingrained in them and modeled by their teachers and mentors at Trinity Irish Dance. This organization seems to raise the bar for their students and provide the means to reach their highest potential. It has been evidenced that Trinity provides the foundation necessary to produce excellence in dance, and most importantly excellence in character.

- Max DunneMusician

“When registration comes around I always question as to whether or not we should sign up again, so ask the girls and they always say yes. Yes they enjoy the dancing but it is more about feeling part of a group and having fun, as my daughter says ‘how many kids do you know that get to dance on real stage,with professionals in front of hundreds of people, it is pretty cool’.”

- Trinity ParentLakeview Location

“Watching my little 8 year old look up to your amazing instructors has been nothing short of incredible.

- Trinity ParentVerona Location

“We do not come from a background of Irish dance and, therefore, we really didn’t know what to expect when we signed them up for dance class. The experience has been amazing and completely positive; we owe it all to the amazing, dedicated and professional Trinity teachers!”

- Trinity ParentWestern Springs Location

“Our family is new to Trinity and our son is so happy to be part of it.  He has grown so much from the experience he has had this year.”

- Trinity ParentElmhurst Location

“Elevating children, our community, and the world through the power and grace of Irish dance”

Class Descriptions


    Open to boys and girls, ages 3½  (by September 01, 2016) to 5 years old. these classes are specially designed for younger children. Our curriculum includes singing, stretching, learning Irish dance steps, and counting in Gaelic. Classes are held once per week throughout IL and WI. No previous dance experience necessary.


    Beginner classes are open to boys and girls, ages  5  (by September 1, 2015) to 10 years old. Children are taught traditional Irish dances such as the Jig and Reel in a structured environment that balances hard work with fun. Classes are held once per week in locations throughout IL & WI. No previous dance experience necessary.

For questions or pricing information, contact Enrollment Coordinator and Trinity Parent, Cynthia Oblein at (877) 326-2328 ext: 302 or cynthia.oblein.trinity@nullgmail.com.